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DentaSplash - Customs references 


  • DentaSplash®  is recommended for oral use only!

  • Rinsing or cleaning other body parts such as eyes, ears etc. could cause injury.


  • Light gum bleeding may occur until you get used to using the oral irrigator. Please contact your dentist if the initial gum bleeding persists.

  • Ask your dentist about using the oral irrigator if you are receiving any gum treatment.

  • For reasons of hygiene, never leave residual water in the water tank.

  • A oral irrigator is not a toy. Only allow children to use a oral irrigator after first consulting a dentist. 

  • If you use this oral irrigator on the road, please ensure that the water tank and nozzle are completely empty before stowing the device away in your luggage.


DentaSplash - Customs references
  • Twist the water tank to the left and pull it downwards. 

  • Fill the container with lukewarm water. Never fill with hot water !

  • Twist the water tank to the right an close it.

  • Bend over the sink an hold DentaSplash with the nozzle pointing at your teeth.

  •  Leave your mouth open so that the water can run off.

  • Run the oral irrigator over the outside of your teeth, over the gums an paticularly in the gaps between the teeth, where food particles can become lodged.

  • After use, pump any remaining water into the sink. All water must be removed from the tank for reasons of hygiene.


  • The water tank and the nozzle can be cleaned under running water. Clean the inside of the water tank.
  • For cleaning do not use scouring materials or solvents such as aceton, alcohol etc. 
  • Do not fill the water tank with toothpaste, powder or other chemicals.

If mouthwash has been used, immediately rinse out the device an the water tank afterwards.


  • Device does not work at all: check for correct filling, then repeat pumping action several time.
  • Water does not comeout of the nozzle: briefly suck water through the nozzle with and then repeat the pumping action 
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