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How can I order a DentaSplash oral irrigator ?

At the moment you can order a DentaSplash®  oral irrigator only via Internet. 
  • The price for one piece is 29.95 USD
  • For  shipping we charge  extra 7.55 USD and 0.50 USD per piece.

How can I pay the amount?

Please pay only by the money transfer service "PayPal "
Kindly address the payments to "order@dentasplash.de". 

The money will be handled very easy and avoids further expensive bank charges for the money transfer or dispatch of cheque. 

For further information send  us an email or fax
If you wish your own Logo on DentaSplash, send us your layout for an offer.

DentaSplash® - Gastner Dentalhygiene - info@dentasplash.de